Samsung Beats Apple and Xiaomi to Top European Smartphone Market

The South Korean tech has once again proved its almightyness in the European regions of the smartphone market. According to recent reports from Counterpoint Research that were released on September 26th, Samsung tops the chart for the global smartphone market share in the regions of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for the sales of its Galaxy devices in the second quarter of 2023. The market share revealed by the research is:

  1. Samsung: 33%
  2. Apple: 23%
  3. Xiaomi: 20%

Samsung has jumped a little with 2% higher points, compared to the second quarter share of the previous year, where it held 31%. However, it is a reverse action for Apple, as it seems to have lost two points from earlier. Apart from the European market, Samsung also topped the Middle East and Africa with a smartphone market share of,

  1. Samsung: 24%
  2. TECNO: 16%
  3. Xiaomi: 9%

Comparing this with the second quarter of 2022, Samsung saw an 8% jump in market share in the areas of the Middle East and Africa. This may be owing to strong sales of not just its budget-friendly Galaxy A series but also 5G and premium models. After facing a 12% reduction in total smartphone shipments in Europe in the second quarter, Samsung reported an 8% drop in shipments year-on-year. However, Apple and Oppo had far bigger reductions of 21% and 51% in particular. Whereas Realme experienced 12% growth as a result of its strong sales in Russian smartphone sales.

Further, shipments of Apple grew over 75% for the same period last year, owing to the iPhone 14 series, which turned out to be the reason for the increase in the Middle East and Africa market from 4% in 2022’s second quarter to 6% by 2023’s second quarter. The findings of the counterpoint research also reveal that smartphone shipments in the Middle East and Africa climbed 1% year-on-year and 7% quarter-on-quarter in the second quarter, which marks the first major bounce in five quarters.

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