Samsung Developer Conference 2023 will kick off on October 5

The 2023 Samsung Developer Conference (SDC23) is set to take place at Moscone Center in San Francisco on October 5, as announced by South Korean tech giant on August 30, 2023. Since 2013, Samsung Electronics has hosted the annual Samsung Developer Conference, or SDC. The event’s main goal is to highlight the most recent technological developments in mobile software and Samsung products, including SmartThings, Bixby, Tizen, and One UI. This year’s SDC will be the ninth edition of the event.

At the time of the event, the keynote and the main sessions will be livestreamed on Samsung’s official YouTube channel and Samsung Developer web pages. Anyone who registers in advance can attend SDC23, as opposed to previous years when attendance was restricted to invited attendees only. Those who sign up may view keynotes on cutting-edge technology as well as practical demonstrations. In this year’s event, innovative platforms including SmartThings, Bixby, Knox, and Tizen will be highlighted.

Further, the business will team up with partners and developers to craft next-generation connected experiences for millions of people worldwide. Certain seminars will take place in the open theater, where the participants may discuss various subjects on the spot. The keynote address at SDC23 will be given by JH Han, Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division of Samsung Electronics, where the firm’s aim for technological innovation and enhancement of the customer experience are discussed.

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With platform innovation and a reinforced ecosystem, it is possible for customers to have experiences that are both more secure and customized. Other Samsung officials will speak up about the company’s future technology-related goals after Han. Jaeyeon Jung (EVP, SmartThings Team), Hobum Kwon (VP, Platform Team, Samsung Research), Bongjun Ko (EVP, Application, S/W R&D Group, Visual Display Business), Sally Hyesoon Jung (VP, Framework R&D Group, Mobile eXperience Business), and Hon Pak (VP, Digital Health Team, Mobile eXperience Business) are the prominent speakers of the event.

After the keynote speech, SDC23 will offer breakout sessions for participants to grab the chance to learn more about One UI 6, SmartThings, Matter, Bixby, Tizen, Samsung Health, and more of Samsung’s most recent developer-focused platforms. Participants who are interested in coding can engage in actual coding through the “Code Lab,” additionally receiving guidance from Samsung engineers in various subjects.

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