Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Shows Its Strength Over Z Flip 4

Zack Nelson, who runs the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, has put hundreds of cellphones through their paces. Nelson’s tests provide a good indication of a phone’s durability, even if real-world durability testing is challenging to duplicate. The phones sent through these tests are put through bend, burn, and scratch tests, and occasionally they even have to deal with sand particles. Samsung recently launched their fifth lineup of Galaxy Z series with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. After the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s durability test, JerryrigEverything on Youtube is now testing the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The test starts with the durable testing of the external front screen of the Flip 5, all credits to the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection for the screen. There are visible scratches at level 6 of scratching, and level 7 shows deeper cuts. Levels are measured using a Mohs scale. Now coming to the foldable internal screen, Zack’s Mohs tool’s level 2 scratches caused a built-in screen protector to break down. It is no surprise that the inner foldable screens are always delicate to handle, and the firm always advises not to apply more pressure on the internal screen. The plastic layer that surrounds the display is even scratchable.

The Flip 5’s aluminum edges, the device’s back, and the back of the redesigned hinge are all brought into the durability test, and it has been proven that these parts of the phone are also scratch-prone. Zack closed the foldable to check whether the screen contacts where the plastic shim comes in as a saver. In addition to functioning as a fingerprint reader, the power button is detachable. Through repeated damage, the volume rocker stops functioning. Next comes the dust test. Zack sprinkles sand all over the model and folds the gadget to ensure no minute dirt particles enter inside.

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Flip 5 somewhat managed to escape undamaged, as only a small amount of sand may have penetrated. This is not something to be tested, as everyone knows that South Korean technology hasn’t yet come up with dust-resistant foldables. However, the IPX8 rating offers water resistance. Till now, the Flip 5 has not stopped functioning, which leads to the burn test. After the exposure to fire, the internal screen, which is made up of plastic, burns after withstanding 15 seconds of heat. The front screen took 10 seconds to show dark patches on the screen that are unrecoverable but don’t terminate the screen function.

The final and most crucial test for foldables is the bend test, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 passes the test with flying colors in a more significant way than its predecessor. Zack added that even the Motorola Razr Plus malfunctioned, which is something that he never expected. So it shows that the new leaflets are truly the most innovative piece of work from Samsung.

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