Samsung Brings One UI 6 Beta (Android 14) to More Galaxy S22 Users

Samsung is rapidly working on developing the One UI 6 skin which is based on Android 14 OS and the company has expanded the One UI 6 update to many Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S21Galaxy S23Galaxy A34, Galaxy A54, and even Galaxy S22, in different regions, but now it is introducing the update in India. This update is coming just one week after the company released a test version called “One UI 6.0 beta” for the Galaxy S22 phones in South Korea, the UK, and the US. They might make it available for more countries very soon.

According to the information, the Galaxy S22 is getting the new One UI 6 Beta update with firmware version S90*EXXU7ZWI6. It is worth noting that the update will only be available for those devices that are registered with the program. As it is live, users can now register their device anytime from the Samsung Members app.

One UI 6 is packed with a lot of new features

Once you install the One UI 6 beta update on your device, you will have a plethora of new features. For your information, in the latest beta update, you will get all the new enhancements in a number of stock functions, including Quick Panel, Lock Screen, Home Screen, Samsung Keyboard, Content Sharing, Weather, and many more.

One UI 6 Android 14 New Features & Changes

To give a better experience, the update will also bring some new versions of several applications, including Galaxy Wear, Samsung Kids, Samsung Internet, SmartThings, Samsung Members, Samsung wallet, Calculator, SmartWatch, etc.

The new beta update is coming on the same security patch as September 2023, which was released last week. To get the update on your device, you first update the Samsung Members application, then go to the app and register your device. But before installing the beta update on your device, you should keep in mind that you will have some issues because it is currently in the testing phase.

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