Samsung One UI 5.0 features that you should try

Samsung has a large share of the Android market. As holding the top manufacturer tag, the company is also focused on providing the best services through the software update; while serving the Android updates, the Korean giant has also included some extra functionalities that are packed with One UI, continuing the trend now Samsung has released the fifth generation of One UI.

The One UI 5.0 includes several new improvements, which include system-level enhancements that give a new look to the user interface, while some customization tools are also introduced, which gives an extra facility to the personalization of the device; with the update, some existing apps also got some new features. Like Samsung keyboard, system settings, Camera, Gallery, and more.

Well, there are many features that are packed with One UI 5.0, but now we are discussing some interesting features that you will enjoy

Lock screen customization 

Tapping and holding the lock screen for a few seconds will pop up the edit option, and going through it gives several tools. There with their help of them, you can do several things like change the wallpaper, change the clock style, resize it, set different colors for the clock, and set the notification settings. 

Quick split and labs

With the help of this feature, you can adjust the apps for multitasking. It allows setting the two different apps to appear on the same screen in split screen mode. Now it has also get improved as now you can run both apps simultaneously not, like the older one in which you could run one app at a time, it also allows any app to pop up mode.

Stacked widgets 

Now you can access several widgets in a particular place which saves space on your home screen. Basically, it creates the stack in a place, and by swiping that, you can easily access those widgets which you have added before.

Text extract

Text extract gives the facility to extract the text from the images; by just tapping on the text portion of the image, you can copy that text as well as share it from that. It is very useful when you need any text information like the company phone number from an advertisement,

Custom Sticker 

Now you can easily resize the stickers and add them to your photos and then save them to the device

Gallery refined lines

While highlighting anything of the image in your gallery by any particular shape, you surely use drawing by hand, but now with this update, when you draw any particular shape, it will refine it and draw it for you.

Camera modes refinement

Now Samsung has removed the extra step to switch the main camera from any mode; now you can actually go right back to them with just one click

Auto optimization 

Now you can easily optimize the device with a single tap to access the feature from system settings.

Different notification type

The latest One UI allows you to change the notification style. There are three types named lock screen allowed, badge, and popup. By choosing this option, you can change the notification type according to your suite.

 Vibration and sound merge.

Now you can also define the vibration intensity according to your personalization, which means you can increase or decrease the vibration repetition to your ringtone. 

Colour palette and lock screen images

By using the color palette option, it avails you to set different colors for the device’s main menu buttons. While you can now set your multiple images in the wallpaper by using the dynamic wallpaper option, which means whenever you go to the lock screen, each time it displays a different picture on the lock screen from the collection you have chosen.

Digital wellbeing 

Digital wellbeing is also now updated with the new One UI; now you can set the timer for different apps individually and also change the previously set timer from recent app mode.

Edge panel

In the edge panel, you now go to a new option called “show app name,” which is very helpful for people who don’t distinguish between apps by their icons.

Album show

In the Gallery app, you can get rid of the view all button; now, you can simply off it by selecting the album show button from the three dots menu.

Security page refresh

 With the New One UI 5.0, all the security settings are now available under Security and Privacy settings, which consists of all the important security features like fingerprint, wifi security, secure folder, and Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

So if you want to explore more features like this, kindly update your Galaxy phone to One UI 5.0. To know whether your device is compatible with getting One UI 5 or not, kindly click here.

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