Samsung Gallery App gets several improvements with One UI 5.1

The long-awaited Galaxy S23 series has been launched, and the users’ wait is now over. It shows improvements in its hardware and software both and has brought a lot new to offer. Today we will focus on this series’s Gallery only because the Gallery itself has got plenty of new features for the users. These new features will surely provide an even better experience to the user as compared to the last flagship. So, let’s take a look at it. 

What’s new about the Galaxy S23’s Gallery App 

Let us inform you that the recently-launched flagship- the Galaxy S23 series, has got enhancements in a total of five major factors, which are listed below. If you are determined to know about them, read this article till the end. 

Gallery’s photo remaster function is now improved. 

For those who are unaware, the photo remaster function is basically used to improve or resolve the problems that appear with the image’s quality. The remaster function uses AI quality estimation technology. The function can be recommended via Gallery’s recommended menu. Samsung, in particular, added a total of three new features to this function, which are listed below. 

  • GIF Improvements
  • Clear shadow and light reflections 
  • Wide angle distortion correction 

Nota bene, the photo remaster function is currently available to the Galaxy S23 devices’ Gallery only, but the company is planning to provide it for the Galaxy S22 series devices also (with One UI 5.1 or higher version). 

The Story function will now be more personalized 

As we all know, the Galaxy’s Gallery has an attractive story function, which shows memories, favourites, slideshows, and more. With the Galaxy S23 series, this Story function is now improved. Notably, the company has now added a view mode in the view multiple stories option, which helps you focus on a particular story by performing the zoom-out action on it, and for returning to multiple stories, just pinch the zoom-in.

Other than this, on top of the story tab, you can see memories of today, such as one year ago, and the best moments. The other feature is the favourite stories feature, in which you can quickly add your desired stories to favourites, which you see often. Besides, now it offers slideshows as well. Instead of images, now you can watch a slideshow, with filter and BGM, which can also be saved and shared as a video.

Search will be easier 

As we all know, the Galaxy device’s Gallery lets you search for your desired content by entering keywords, but the Galaxy S23’s Gallery lets you enter multiple keywords at the same time, for even more accurate results. Now you can also search the images by choosing one or more person’s faces, and the device will show you all the images, in which the selected face/faces are visible. 

Content details are now a click away 

Previously, to reach the details of the image, we needed to swipe up or go to the details menu, but now with Galaxy S23, both of them are integrated into one. Now, the camera shooting mode and resolution information is also added along with the content details. The other interesting thing is now you can just swipe left or right on the content detail screen so that you can reach the next images while seeing the details. 

Image Clipper function is added 

With the Galaxy S23 series, the previous Galaxy devices’ Lasso function is improved, which helps to cut out objects from any image. Now with the Galaxy S23’s Gallery, the company has added an even easier function, with which you can easily cut any object from the Gallery or Video Player’s screen by performing some simple actions. All you have to do is enter the ‘View One’ screen and press and hold the desired object to cut. 

By performing the above-mentioned actions, the object will be cut out automatically, and you can copy the clipped object on the clipboard or even share it and save it as an image. The same method will be applicable to the videos as well. 

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