How to unlock Galaxy S23 Ultra from the S-Pen

The S pen has now become very evolved, and Samsung has added many features to this device, due to which it has started doing many things easily and quickly. You can also check out our previous article regarding it – “the evolution of S Pen“. Now moving ahead, adding some interesting features, a unique feature is now available in s Pen, which helps to unlock your Galaxy S23 Ultra easily.

How to unlock Galaxy S23 Ultra by the S-Pen

To Unlock your device, you simply click the S Pen button, and then it will unlock your phone within seconds. This feature is very useful for users who heavily use their S Pen. Like if your phone locks while you are using S Pen, you can easily unlock your phone with a single click; you don’t need any password. And when you unlock your device with S Pen, the device will stay unlocked until your S Pen is disconnected or inserted into your phone. 

It is worth noticing that the S Pen unlock feature is not open for the Galaxy S23 Ultra user by default, which means if you want to use this feature, so you have to first turn it on by system settings. Let’s find out how to turn on this feature-

To turn on the unlock feature, follow these steps:

  1. First, Go to the system Settings;
  2. Tap on the Advance feature menu;
  3. Now go into the S Pen menu;
  4. Scroll down to more S Pen Settings;
  5. Now switch the toggle of the S Pen Unlock option to on;
  6. It will ask you for the pin number or password which you have set your device to unlock; by putting the password, now you are ready to use the feature.

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