One UI 5.1 for Galaxy S22 series: When will come and what will it bring

As Samsung finally unveiled the long-awaited One UI 5.1 update on Feb 1st, 2023 (with the Galaxy S23 series), other Galaxy device users have also started to wait for it to reach their devices. The extreme determination can be seen in the ones who are using the previous year’s Galaxy S22 devices. So, let’s find out when the Galaxy S22 series will get the One UI 5.1 update and what new features it will bring to your Galaxy S22 device. 

Firstly, let us inform you that the One UI 5.1 update is an updated version of One UI 5.0. The recently-launched 5.1 UI update is based on Android version 13 as the previous 5.0 update, which means, apart from the Galaxy S23 series (with which the One UI 5.1 has been launched), nearly all Android 13 booted Galaxy devices will also get this update, in which the Galaxy S22 series is also included. 

When will the One UI 5.1 reach the Galaxy S22 series?

After the One UI 5.1’s official launch, the company is working to provide it to other eligible Galaxy devices at the soonest pace. We can say by looking at the previous update programs of Samsung the update may first reach the Galaxy S22 series because it is the top-most series of Samsung after the Galaxy S23 flagship. It seems Samsung is planning a speedy rollout for this update, which means it won’t take too much time now. 

Besides, we have received clued regarding this update’s testing, which already touched the milestone of nearly all flagships (including the Galaxy S22 series), as well as mid-range Galaxy devices. As its internal testing is underway, it is clear the series will soon get it. As per the expectations, Samsung may provide the One UI 5.1 update for the Galaxy S22 series by the fall of this month or by the rise of the next month.  

What new the One UI 5.1 will bring to the Galaxy S22 flagship?

Informatively, the One UI 5.1 update will bring nearly all the compatible services and features of this update to the Galaxy S22 series. However, the features will be available on the basis of the model of the device. In simpler words, those features, which are developed for the Ultra model only, will reach just Galaxy S22 Ultra and not the Vanilla and Plus devices. For example, some Expert RAW-related features. 

Notably, the update combines AR Zone, Expert RAW, Bixby Routines, Gallery, Camera, Widgets, connectivity, sharing, multitasking, and other elements-related features, which will reach the Galaxy S22 series too. If you want to know more about the features, you can check them out here in our previous article. Besides them, we are providing a brief changelog as well (below), so you get an idea about what changes will appear with it. 

  • Changing the hue for a selfie is now easier with the Effects button.
  • With the shared family album, it is easier to share photos, even using face recognition (5 GB of storage space for each member, up to 6 people).
  • Ability to save screenshots or screen recordings in a folder of your choice.
  • Ability to use 3 Emojis in AR to replace faces.
  • Layout and editing improvements in AR doodles.
  • New battery widget to check the battery level of devices: smartphones, but also Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, and other supported devices.
  • New style for the weather widget.
  • Ability to choose different wallpapers on the unlock screen and home screen depending on the current activity (e.g. work or sport).
  • Expansion of the scenarios for modalities and routines.
  • Simpler invitations for shared albums, notes, and calendars.
  • Easier access to the function to set Wi-Fi speakers as media output.
  • Improved multitasking in DeX mode.
  • Improved search for the Samsung Internet Browser app.
  • Faster and easier initial setup of your new smartphone.

In short, this update will make your device’s animations smoother than ever, will provide new Widget options, make sharing and connectivity easy, enhance the lock screen customization experience, and add some new features in it. 

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