Samsung Mobile Chief Forecasts Increased AI Collaboration for Future Growth

On the occasion of the launching event of the Galaxy S23 smartphone lineup, a press conference held in Malaysia, Samsung Electronics president and mobile experience division head Roh Tae-moon gave the clue that Samsung will partner with global IT firms to develop new AI technologies for smartphones.

According to some media outlets, the company’s head also mentioned that they would promote the development of mobile technology, citing the California-based startup open AI’s humanlike chatbot, ChatGPT, as an example.

Roh also said Samsung also has a research and development center that is focused on the development of AI and is also open to collaborating with various partners to find better technology. Throughout this conference, he also mentioned some preferred partners for Samsung for the development of AI, which include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and meta.

At last, Roh clears that the company has no plan to introduce the ChatGPT-powered services and doesn’t have any further discussion over launching any other services related to ChatGPT.

The future of AI will be more competitive

Microsoft also jumped recently in the AI market by investing in ChatGPT creator, which focuses on expanding the use of the AI-powered chatbot in its products. Google has also introduced a competitor of ChatGPT from its team named Bard as well as Amazon and Meta are also investing in the AI market.

Samsung already has its AI-powered voice assistant, which was introduced back in 2017. However, there are also several voice assistants available from different companies like. Microsoft has Cortana, Google has Google Assistant, and apple has Siri, while Samsung has Bixby, which works very differently because it indulges more in the Galaxy’s core application’s.

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