Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 users report cracked screens post-warranty

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 users are facing issues of screen cracking for a few days; the most common thing, in this case, is that the problem of cracking screen occurs after expiring of the warranty period. The only option left for the users is to repair the device with their own money.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen crease is cracking for no reason

Many users have faced the issue; the cracking screen problem occurs to several users even after careful usage. As per PhoneArena, one user has reported that her device suffered a display crack even though the phone has never been dropped. And the warranty period is also expired. The image of the damaged foldable shows that the crack is almost down the middle of the internal display, and the owner of the device is still paying off the $1100 purchase price.

A Reddit user Snoo wrote, “15 months in, opened the screen to show a friend who was interested and heard a cracking sound as it was nearly fully opened run along the centre fold. (Phone was not dropped). The right-hand screen no longer responds to any input, the left-hand does. Just saw the price to repair and that is shocking. Pretty gutted as loved the phone and in all honesty, I rarely opened the phone, maybe 2-3 times a week if that. So, I can no longer use the phone when opened up. Sad times.”

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So if you are also one of the users who is facing the same problem, you can write a letter to the chief executive officer of the company. Here is the official link, which directly takes you to the official email of the CEO; in the letter, kindly fill in the proper information about your issue and upload the images of your device. If this can’t help you, you can also contact a lawyer and discuss initiating a class action suit against Samsung.

On the other hand, if you don’t belong to the united states, you can visit the site directly from your smartphone browser and then go to the very bottom of the page to find the CEO’s office page, but if you get any problem while finding it, you can also choose the second option to call the company directly and demand to talk with an executive.

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