Samsung unveils the future of gaming with their flexible screen portable console

Samsung has released some conceptual images that show a portable video game with a flexible screen, bringing excitement to think about the new revolution for gaming as the South Korean brand enters this segment in the future. Notably, Samsung already has its foldable series of devices that are running successfully.  

As we have seen in the image, the prototype features a simple construction with no highlights, including edges for the joysticks and control buttons on the sides, while the flexible display with a horizontal hinge is positioned in the center. The device has two screens, the upper one for games and the lower one for displaying extra information.

Samsung concept gaming prototype will capture the Razor phone, which is a well-established brand of Asus in the gaming industry, as the device has a large display that essentially has all the functions of the tablet, so it may become out as a tablet cum-gaming device, this looks like the future of mobile gaming. (Via-

Moreover, there are still no clear details of spec sheets coming out, which give a certain idea of flex screen details, so it’s up to waiting for the official announcements, which will unveil the date and information about specifications.

The best part of foldable devices is that when you finish playing or complete any task, you can fold them. And it will protect your primary screen from damage and scratches. However, we don’t know much about the concept device as it will be folded as shown in the image or different, but if it comes the same as shown, then it will be a more useful and easy-to-carry device that will give a large display gaming experience anytime, anywhere.

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