Future Galaxy Watch models could feature an integrated projector, Samsung patent reveals

Samsung is currently working on giving the built-in mini projector capable of displaying the information on the hand; this information we got from the patent filing published by the Korean giant.

The Galaxy Watch will be able to project all the matters of the display just adjacent to the hand and configured to display. If the filing will get successfully done, Samsung will be a top contender in the list of top innovative companies and will continue to dominate in the smartwatch segment.

Samsung also states, “According to an embodiment, the wearable electronic device may display various images. The image may include a still image and a moving image… such as broadcast content, multimedia content, and the like.”

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According to the information, Samsung has also described the details of the module; the company used an arc of lenses and LEDs, which are aligned in two rows. It will enable the imagery to point at different angles across the surface so that it projects the information in detail.

However, there are many patent filings remain, and Samsung plans to research the R&D for several devices, but for now, the Korean giant hasn’t disclosed yet other than the watch, while it is clear that Samsung has filed many patents and some reports the company has also surpassed the IBM in term of the patent, let’s hope we will see some new innovative gadgets from the Samsung in the coming days.

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