Before One UI 5.1, Samsung updating Galaxy S22, S20, A52 to February 2023 update in Canada

Samsung is gradually expanding the latest security update for eligible devices; while it has already served the update to many devices, but has a large number of devices for the company is still pushing the update, and now the update is rolling out for more Galaxy devices including Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy A52 devices lets discuss the update according to these devices.

The latest update brings February 2023 update

As of now, these devices are receiving the latest security update in the form of a February 2023 update. If we look at the details of the latest security patch, it includes 48 patches that Google adds that target Android OS security; on the other hand, Samsung has also packed 7 more patches that fix the vulnerabilities of Galaxy devices.

Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 devices were company’s flagship device last year; it comes in three models Galaxy S22 base, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to the information, the new update comes with the version number G901WVLS3GWA2, G906WVLS3GWA2 and G988WVLS3GWA2 sequentially. Recently the device has also received OneUI 5.1 in some regions and will be expanded worldwide soon.

Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 device was launched in 2020 and came with Android 10; later, it received Android 13. Recently, it has also grabbed the latest One UI 5.1 update in some European countries and will be available worldwide in the coming days. Currently, the device is receiving the latest security update in the form of a February 2022 update in Canada; users can identify the update by the firmware version as G980WVLS3GWA2, G985WVLS3GWA2 and G988WVLS3GWA2 for the Galaxy S20 general, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra respectively.

Galaxy A52

The Galaxy A52 device is one of the popular midrange phones Samsung. It is currently receiving the latest security update in the form of a February 2023 security update with build number A526WVLS7DWA2. While the device has already received the same update in Europe. The device has received Android 13 Globally. And soon, it will grab the latest One UI 5.1 update.

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