Google Pay (GPay) gives a makeover to its interface with Material You design

Google Pay (GPay) is one of the most popular mobile payment platforms on the market today. With over 2 billion active users, GPay is used to pay for everything from groceries to parking tickets. To make the experience even better for users, Google has adopted Material You Design.

The Google Pay app has been redesigned in numerous countries, including Google Wallet, and is still available in the US, India, and Singapore. Version 171.1.4 of the application, which is already widely available in the Play Store, is now receiving a redesign from the Material You aesthetics. (Via- 9to5google)

The app’s bottom bar is now being updated to meet the higher Material You standard, which employs pill-shaped indications. Only one blue highlight colour is used in the app. Therefore the dynamic colour effects still need to be present.

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The application is still the same, but there have been a few more button and size changes, including a slightly larger search area at the top. More so than the actual modifications, it is puzzling why Google continues to focus on this application, given that Google Wallet has emerged as the company’s payment flagship in the majority of the world. The minor change appears to be an example of how the corporation is still aware that it has substitute apps available in certain areas.

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Parallel to this, a server-side component that has not yet been widely adopted is visible to some users in GPay’s revamped Material You with version 167.1.5.

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