One UI Watch 5-based WearOS 4: Material You, Golf Tracking, and Health Connect integration for Galaxy Watches

WearOS 4 is the Big G Google’s upcoming smartwatch Operating System, which will amaze the Korean firm Samsung’s Galaxy Watch users as well. The Mountain giant has officially announced WearOS 4’s arrival in its Google I/O 2023 event. This upcoming smartwatch OS will be based on Google’s Android 13. It is obvious that the newer OS will bring an uncountable number of novelties with it. Let’s know about them. 

Informatively, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Watch 5 series devices are the only Samsung smartwatches that are eligible for the next WearOS 4. In today’s article, we will let you know what novelties and surprises the WearOS 4 will offer in eligible Galaxy Watches. As per the reports, WearOS 4 will make improvements in the health category, specifically in golf tracking, and will bring Material You to Galaxy Watches. 

WearOS 4: Golf tracking and integrated Health Connect

As per the reports, in WearOS 4, most of the changes can be seen in the health category. It has been said that this new OS will have improved golf tracking abilities. As a wearable device’s OS, it is beneficial to have health-related improvements as they will attract users towards smartwatches with this OS, including Galaxy Watch 4 & 5.

Notably, every smartwatch’s Health Services lets app developers access Wear OS sensor data in an easier and more consistent way. And in addition to the recent update, developers can access heart rate data more frequently. It also adds a new ability “automatically detect the number of golf shots.”

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The upcoming WearOS version will also let the Watch detect the size of the golf swing. And it has been possible only because of the Korean firm Samsung’s help. This is not enough for this upcoming OS, so it will introduce new permissions for accessing body sensors in the background as well. 

Besides Golf tracking abilities, another noticeable change is Health Connect’s integration to Android 14. Now, Health Connect will no longer be available as a standalone app; instead, it “will be a core part of Android.” One will be able to access it through the device’s Settings. 

WearOS 4: Material You for Galaxy Watches

If you are unaware, Samsung’s Galaxy Watches lack as developed Material You abilities as Galaxy Phones have. With the WearOS 4 update, the WearOS-booted Galaxy Watches will get Material You designs in them. It can be seen in the WearOS 4 Developer Preview as well that Google has brought the ultimate Material You touch in this smartwatch OS. 

Specifically, Google has added an accent color in WearOS 4 that especially can be seen in the quick settings section. It is also said that WearOS 4 will let the Watch Faces report their colors to the OS via Wear Watchface API. The appreciating thing is these colors can be used by the OS in different places like buttons, toggles, icons, and texts. 

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However, it seems that Material You still lacks complete implementation with the Operating System, but one thing is sure that the future update will make it Material You in WearOS even more enhanced and will allow accent colors to be changed based on the watch face.

Nota bene, as WearOS 4 will be the base of Samsung’s soon-to-be-launched One UI Wathc 5, the new Material You abilities will amaze the Galaxy Watches as well. However, only the Galaxy Watch 4, and Watch 5, upcoming Watch 6 devices can use it. As One UI itself has highly customizable abilities, WearOS 4 will add even more charm to it. 

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