Samsung’s new Bixby update introduces child-friendly features

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung has its own Artificial Intelligence voice assistant (AI), Bixby, just like Google’s ‘Google Assistant’. Bixby responds to users’ commands, which makes their Galaxy device experience even better. Now, the company has added one more utility to its AI voice assistant, which is nothing but its availability for kids. Let’s take a look at this ‘Bixby for Kids’ novelty.

For information, Samsung has recently rolled out the February 2023 update for Bixby, which is specifically to enhance Bixby’s utility. As we have mentioned above, Bixby is now available for kids as well; this ‘Bixby for Kids’ novelty is also a part of this new update. To make it available for kids’ use, a Bixby Assistant is specially customized, as the official notice revealed (shared on Samsung Members app). 

Bixby for Kids: Uses and Availability

Notably, the best thing regarding the ‘Bixby for Kids’ service is now parents no longer need to be worried about their child using the phone and can feel safe. Informatively, now parents will be able to create groups to set up child accounts. These child accounts will let underage kids use those functions that are available for adults only. Besides, their parents can handle their child accounts through Galaxy devices. 

As we have mentioned above, with the child accounts, the kids will be able to use adult-specific functions such as Ask Bixby Questions, Play Music, Play Songs, and Listen to Stories. In these commands, the newly-customized Bixby assistant will respond with kid-friendly and age-appropriate content. The service is in specific suitable for under 13 age group kids or the applicable age in your country. 

Nota bene, the ‘Bixby for Kids’ service is indeed helpful and advantageous but is currently available in two regions only- the US and Korea. However, the company, in the coming time, will make it available in other regions as well.

Bixby is now available for kids!

Through your Samsung account, create a group for your family to set up
child accounts that they can use on Samsung devices.

Children under 13 (or the applicable age in your country) can do similar
things as adults like:

  • Ask Bixby questions
  • Listen to stories
  • Play music
  • Play games

Bixby responds to your kids with age-appropriate and kid-friendly content.
This feature is currently supported in US and Korea, with more countries to
be added gradually.

Additionally, functional improvements and bug fixes have been applied.

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