Samsung Reminder Manager enhances your productivity with its new Completed Reminders feature!

Samsung always tries something new for the betterment of its users, and it is not limited to hardware but it also provides interesting features through software. Several applications are available that Samsung designs for its very useful Galaxy devices.

For instance, let’s take the Reminder app; it is a smart app that lets you easily add things to do or remember to your device and alerts you in advance at the right time according to your preset command. It has grabbed several new features in previous updates, and now again, the app is receiving new functionality. 

You can also manage completed reminders

Now you can easily access the complete reminder category from the list screen itself, while in the previous update, it could be accessed through the completed category, now with the new update, it will also be easy to track completed tasks as you have a new function category which shows all completed reminders when you select “show completed reminders” and after you are done viewing you can hide them by tapping on “Hide completed reminders”.

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The Samsung reminder is gaining popularity among all Galaxy users because it has several useful functionalities that help to make plans successful by alerting the user about certain tasks on time. Several functions are also useful, such as-

  • You can receive a reminder alert when you get in or out of the car
  • It also allows you to create a repetition alert that only stops after you will check.
  • It also can able to send you location-based alerts; for instance, if you reach any specific location like a mall, it will send you an alert regarding the location.

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