Samsung Galaxy A34, Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A14’s European price tipped

Out of all the Galaxy devices of, Samsung, its mid-range Galaxy A series is the best seller and the most-praised one. It is that time of the year when Samsung is planning to add new devices to its Galaxy A series, which are Galaxy A14, Galaxy A34, and Galaxy A54. Until now, a lot of information regarding these devices has been revealed. Recently, we have found rumours about their prices, so let’s take a look at them.

Recently, the well-known tipster SnoopyTech has revealed the prizes of the next-gen Galaxy A devices. Informatively, the Galaxy A14 device has already been launched in some limited markets like India, but its global launch is still awaited. However, these leaked costs are in Euros, so we are unsure whether these are their Global prizes or not or are just region-specific prizes. You can check those prizes below. 

  • Galaxy A14- €219 (Nearly $235)
  • Galaxy A34- €419 (Nearly $450 or ₹36000)
  • Galaxy A54- €519 (Nearly $550 or ₹45000)

Nota bene, all these prizes are of the 128GB variants of these aforementioned devices. Besides, as these are just rumours or leaks currently, we can’t know whether these will be proven true or not. For any kind of confirmation, we should wait for the words from the company itself, which will happen at the time of their launch or a little sooner only.

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