Samsung Galaxy S22 and S23 become first devices to receive March 2023 security patch

In recent years, smartphone manufacturers in the Android world have become increasingly aware of the importance of providing timely and reliable software support for their products. While some companies have excelled in this area, others have needed help to keep up. At the forefront of this trend is Samsung, which has established itself as a leader in delivering regular security patches and software updates to its users. In fact, Samsung has once again demonstrated its commitment to timely software support by releasing the March 2023 security patches for its popular Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 series.

With the recent release of the March 2023 security SMR, the company has once again demonstrated its commitment to keeping its devices up-to-date and secure. And true to form, Samsung has wasted no time in rolling out the update to its users, ensuring they can continue enjoying the latest features and protections on their devices.

March 2023 security update for Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23

In fact, in recent hours, the Samsung Galaxy S22 (Including Galaxy S22+ & S22 Ultra) and Galaxy S23 (Including Galaxy S23+ & S23 Ultra) smartphones have started to receive the update with the S90*BXXU3CWBE and S91*BXXS1AWBM firmware version that introduces the March 2023 security patches on the devices in question.

As often happens, Samsung has already detailed the update, it is currently being rolled out in Europe, but it should also be distributed in all other markets in the coming days. As usual, to manually check for the presence of the update, just go to Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

March 2023 security update fixes several features

Samsung has addressed some security loopholes and variabilities in several functions and apps such as System UI, Bluetooth, Galaxy Themes Service, Samsung Keyboard, Call application, etc. Samsung claims that all the mentioned apps and functions are now fixed and safe to use, and the company also promises that if there is any bug left apart from this, it will surely fix it in another update.

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