Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra have S Pen issues: here’s how to fix it

The newly launched Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S23 series‘ top-of-the-line Ultra device, is presently gaining users’ admiration and worldwide popularity. The most significant feature of this Galaxy S23 Ultra device is its Galaxy Note-inspired S Pen, which makes it stand out from the others. However, its outstanding features can’t wipe out the issues it has shown lately. So, let’s take a look at the issues that appeared in this device. 

Galaxy S23 Ultra Have S Pen Issues

As per the reports, many Galaxy S23 Ultra users started to complain that their device’s S Pen is showing issues in its connectivity with the device. It is said that the S Pen randomly gets disconnected from the device from time to time while it is out from its in-built slot. It creates hurdles for the users, as it shows the disconnectivity issue while it is in use. To reconnect it, it becomes necessary to re-insert the S Pen in its in-built slot. 

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The issue clearly represents the true limit of the S Pen nib’s potential. It sure can cause obstacle if the user keeps inserting and extracting the S Pen to the slot; it not only takes too much time but also make the user frustrated. However, it is currently not known how widespread this issue is, but for those who are dealing with it, we are expecting that the South Korean manufacturer may soon get a solution to overcome it. 

Until the company does something about it, there are some temporary solutions that sure are worth a try. Notably, those solutions have been found by those users who are facing the issue, so if you are also a Galaxy S23 Ultra user and dealing with this issue, check those solutions below. 

How to fix Galaxy S23 Ultra S Pen Issue

  • Settings ➩ Advanced Features menu ➩ S Pen ➩ three dots ➩ Reset the S Pen accessory. 
  • Settings ➩ Advanced Features menu ➩ S Pen ➩ More S Pen Settings ➩ enable the “Keep S Pen always connected” option.

Sometimes the device disables the “Keep S Pen always connected” option by default to save the battery if the accessory is not in use for a long time. Maybe the same is happening with the users, too, if it is so you can check and try it. 

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