Samsung respond for the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s defective screen

The long-awaited Galaxy S23 series is finally launched and available in the market as well. The series has a total of three devices, the Base model, a Plus model, and the most-desired top-of-the-line Ultra model. However, since the series went in hand for the users, some of them started to report that their Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen is defective. Thankfully, Samsung gave a reply in this matter. So, let’s take a look at it.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s UK units screen defect

Recently, a user MF shared some images of its newly-bought Galaxy S23 Ultra device, on which we can clearly see some kind of defect on the device’s display. Because of this, users are continuously asking the manufacturer, Samsung, about this issue. Now finally, Samsung came in front and clarified the situation. Samsung has said that it is not a defect but just a squash between any of the several glass layers. 

Samsung response about the issue

For those who are unaware, a smartphone’s Display panel composes various layers in it, including tempered glass, which directly connects to the main Display panel and protects it initially. Besides, to restrict foreign particles or liquids from entering the device, its display gets a waterproof/dustproof design. As per Samsung, the thing that appeared in the device is not a defect but just a squash in its display’s glass layers. 

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