Samsung takes a different approach to marketing Galaxy S23 Series

Since Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S23 series has been officially announced and launched, we are getting to see many promotional videos for it. There is one thing common in most of these promotion videos, the appearance of the Genshin Impact game. Now the question appears, why is Samsung giving too much appearance to this Game? So, let’s find out why Samsung has made this move.

Informatively, at the time of Samsung’s previous flagship Galaxy S22 series’s launch, there was controversy and disappointment among users, especially gamers, over the device’s new feature. For those who are unaware, Samsung has added a new Game Optimizing Service (GOS) in the Galaxy S22 device, which reduces the screen resolution while playing games to prevent overheating.

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Consequently, many YouTubers, while measuring performance, reported that the Galaxy S22 series device lacks performance in terms of gaming. Because it lowers the graphic quality, delicate gamers got offended by it, and most of them were Genshin players. The incident affected the device’s marketability. Hence, it seems that Samsung is now showing Genshin with the new flagship to reverse the previous incident’s effect.

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This might be the reason for featuring Genshin in the S23’s promo videos. Besides, the company is also promoting this Game with the new flagship in China’s Hoyo Bus. Nota bene, Genshin is a role-playing game. However, it is not the first time when Samsung is promoting its product to Hoyo Bus; they previously did the same with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 Genshin special edition and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Genshin Impact special edition, which performed well in the market.

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