Pocket Casts Podcast app arriving soon on WearOS-based Galaxy Watches

The new models of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup are running on Google’s WearOS, which are Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series. Previous Galaxy Watch has Samsung’s Tizen in them, but having WearOS is a win-win for the Galaxy Watches, as they are able to get both Samsung and Google’s offerings. Recently, it has been reported that a new podcast application will come to WearOS, so let’s take a look at this report.

As per a recent report, Google’s WearOS will soon get the famous podcast application Pocket Casts in it, which means WearOS Galaxy Watches will also be blessed with this service. Recently, a project issue has also been spotted on GitHub’s page about this app’s arrival or WearOS. If you are unaware, Pocket Casts is a multi-faceted app that lets us listen to various podcasts.

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This application is currently in development to fit into WearOS smartwatches such as Galaxy Watch. It is good that the developers are focusing on this application so that the Watch variant of this app will work independently from the smartphone. It seems that Pocket Cast may reuse the functionality of the iOS Watch app in the WearOS app as well. However, it may be for the initial period only, and we will get to see new things later.

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As for its feature in the Galaxy Watch, the ability to control the app on the phone will arrive a little late. Besides, it may also borrow Apple Watch’s features, such as download capability (for Pocket Cast Plus members only). Other than this, Pocket Cast is working on the Now Playing screen, browsing, and download features too. Pocket Casts’ arrival surely makes sense because various users are using WearOS 3 watches like Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5.

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