Google’s latest initiative to improve app updates for WearOS-based Galaxy Watches

The South Korean firm Samsung is using Google WearOS in its new-generation Galaxy Watches, including the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series. Consequently, the Galaxy Watch blesses Samsung and Google both’s novelties. Recently, Google has brought a new helpful service for WearOS, which will increase WearOS utility even more. This new service will provide us with a wear-specific release track. Let’s a look at this new service.

Informatively, in March 2023, Google Play Console introduced this new service, which will provide the wear-specific release track. With its help, we will get a separate release track from Android, which helps to make WearOS independent. Previously, the developers used a default track to manage it, but now it has been changed. As an ability of this service, all Galaxy Watch users will get a specific track for the app updates.

Samsung Galaxy Watch’s app quality to be improve with WearOS

For information, it will be based on three major components- The addition of the WearOS form factor to Advanced Settings, the Preparation of the release according to the WearOS app quality, and Managing it on a default track. For app developers, this will surely be proven beneficial to differentiate various form factor releases, and now they will be able to provide frequent updates. For smaller developers fixated on WearOS only, it’s a win-win.

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