Samsung One UI already have Auto-confirm PIN feature that will come to Android 14

Samsung’s One UI has various advantageous features under its hood. One of One UI’s magnificent features is now about to arrive in the upcoming Android version 14. It is appreciable that Google is borrowing a feature from Samsung’s One UI. Let us tell you with this new feature, your Android device will get an “auto-confirm unlock” option in it. If you don’t know how it works, you can check them below. 

Informatively, in Android 13 devices, the users who use a lock screen PIN need to tap ‘OK’ after entering the PIN. As per the report of xda-developers, in Android 14, with One UI’s this new Quality-of-life feature, there will be no need to tap ‘OK’. After entering the PIN, it will automatically be confirmed, and the device will be unlocked. It will be similar to the one which is on Samsung Galaxy devices. 

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Notably, with this new One UI-borrowed feature, Google will also make the Lock Screen PIN service more secure. However, there is one issue in borrowing this feature, Android 14 requires a six-digit PIN, but the auto-confirm feature works for a four-digit PIN. As for Google, they encourage users to set more than four digits PIN as it is more securer than the basic four-digit one. Now it is to see how the company will resolve this issue. 

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It is possible that Samsung will expand the limit of four-digit PINs to six or more digit PINs for this auto-confirm feature. However, there is no official confirmation from Google or Samsung regarding this matter, but if it happens, the South Korean firm will implement these changes in Android 14.

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