Samsung Galaxy Watch ECG Feature Proves Life-Saving

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung has plenty of health-related features in its Galaxy Watch lineup, of which the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5’s features seem to be the most useful and beneficial ones. Recently, many testimonials have said that their Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5’s health features and sensors saved their lives. Out of all these features, the ECG functionality of Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the most effective one. 

Informatively, the Galaxy Watch’s health feature informs the user about his heart condition and other health-related things. Consequently, if they find anything problematic in the watch’s report, he/she can get checked before anything major happens. 

User’s experience with the Galaxy Watch’s health features

  • A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro user has recently shared that his watch’s ECG feature convinced him to get clinical tests which resulted that the user is having symptoms of pathological cardiac arrhythmia. It is a dangerous disease that causes severe or fatal consequences, also known as atrial fibrillation. The user is currently getting treatment to cure this health issue.
  • Another user, who is a Galaxy Watch 4 owner, said that he regularly checks his heart rate, and the result encourages him to get a health checkup. His checkup diagnosed a severe condition, ventricular tachycardia, which leads to serious illnesses like a heart attack. 

The Galaxy Watch’s ECG feature is surely a lifesaver, but it is currently limited to a few regions only. It would be helpful if the company expanded its availability in other markets as well.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch ECG Feature Proves Life-Saving”

  1. When your angry the Watch 4 tells You to calm down, take a break and breath 😅 the ECG is very useful. The features are not 100% exact but You can use them to go immediately to a Dr if You have some sort of a problem. When I had Covid-19 I knew I had it, the Galaxy Watch 46mm (Gen 1) show Me a high heartbeat rate.

  2. It does not work with Android phones. I bought it for this EKG feature as I have AFib. Totally worthless for me. If you’re buying for EKG feature don’t bother. Save the money.


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