The Role of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ in Alzheimer’s Digital Diagnosis

Samsung has joined hands with Bottneuro AG, a local medical technology startup in Switzerland. In this collaboration, the medical technology startup has chosen Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ tab for developing a diagnosing device.

According to information, Botneuro uses 3D MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)and PET(positron emission tomography) data to identify the brain region where the disease occurs and then conducts electrical target treatment with a self-developed neurostimulator.

How will it be helpful for patients?

The Bottneuro AG, the medical startup, will share these technical details with Samsung, and then the Korean giant has to supply the customized Galaxy Tab S8+ devices which support all the data of diagnosis, so it can easily be used to control the neurostimulator and transmit data.

This will be very helpful for the patients as they can easily operate medical devices directly using Galaxy Tab and be able to focus on treatment. If this works successfully, then it will surely be a boon for Alzimers patients.

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Julius Klaas, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Botneuro, said, “I came to know about the Galaxy Tab S8+ while searching for an easy-to-use and stable solution, and Samsung’s support was very helpful throughout the research process.”

As the technology is in the starting stage now, so Samsung has planned to supply the Galaxy S8 + Alzimers dedicated units gradually. Firstly, the company will ship 100 units of devices for patients in the hospital in Switzerland, and then it will increase the number to 2500 units by the end of this year.

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