Introducing Samsung Electronics’ Climate Control Solutions for the European Market

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in technology and innovation, has made a strong commitment to environmental sustainability by developing climate control solutions for homes and businesses. With the aim of creating a sustainable future, it is now targeting the European market with its state-of-the-art climate control solutions. The company’s products are designed to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon emissions, and enhance the quality of life for users. With a focus on eco-friendliness and innovation, Samsung Electronics is well-positioned to meet the climate control needs of the European market and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change.

The Korean giant has recently participated in the ‘ISH 2023’ exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, showcasing their latest air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses. This was the company’s first participation in the international trade fair for Sanitation, Heating and air, indicating Samsung’s strong interest in targeting the European air conditioning market. 

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Samsung Electronics planned the biennial ISH 2023 air-conditioning and air-conditioning system expo with a 489m2 (150 pyeong) exhibition hall to showcase new high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, including the “EHS Mono R290” and “EHS Mono HT Quiet” heat pumps. The EHS product is an air conditioning system that replaces the existing boiler, and it is possible to supply hot water, cooling, and heating. It generates less carbon dioxide than boilers and continues growing, especially in Europe.

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The use of R290, a natural refrigerant, for the first time in an EHS product distinguishes the new Samsung EHS Mono R290 product. The natural refrigerant R290 is substantially more environmentally benign than the current R32 refrigerant, with an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of 0 and a global warming potential (GWP) of 3.

  • Compared with existing R32 MONO (AE***RXYD*G/EU) products
  • This is the company’s test value, which may vary depending on the actual environment – Experiment model (outdoor unit): E120BXYDGG Outdoor DB -25℃, Leaving Water 55℃ conditions.

Samsung Electronics also exhibited its ‘SmartThings Energy’ service, which is designed to work seamlessly with EHS products. SmartThings Energy allows homeowners to manage the energy used in their homes and offers suggestions to save energy by linking with EHS and other Samsung home appliances. By combining SmartThings Energy with EHS products, homeowners can optimize their energy usage and reduce their environmental impact.

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