Galaxy Watch 6 Pro goes retro with physical rotating bezel design

Samsung offers several features with Galaxy Watches, which are quite popular among users; with every new generation of watches, the Korean giant has introduced new capabilities in its watches in both departments, whether its hardware or software. Some are very innovative ones that make their watches unique, like the rotating bezel, which is an interesting function that grabs more users’ attention.

But in the last generation of watches, which means Galaxy watch 5, Samsung has replaced it with digital functionalities which work the same but without rotating physically. This was the wrong step taken by Samsung, which disappointed its customers.

Galaxy Watch 6 will get the physical rotating bezel 

Now to correct its mistake, Samsung is planning to reintroduce the physical rotating bezel with the Galaxy watch 6. According to Korean tipster SuperRoader, Samsung is bringing back the physical rotating bezel this year; however, it will only be available with the pro model, and if you go for the base model, it will offer you the digital bezel option same as Galaxy Watch 5 series.

The tipster also claims that Samsung will offer Galaxy Watch 6 pro in two sizes; however, its accurate size is not revealed. The 45mm variant may be there for sure because the company has introduced the Galaxy Watch 5 pro in this size. Moreover, the Galaxy Watch 6 series will come with more battery capacity.

If the Korean tipster’s prediction turns out to be true, then the Galaxy Watch 6 will be trend setter watch, and customers will have options to buy; if anyone loves digital rotation g bezel, they can go for the base variant and on other hands if anyone wants physical one they should go for Galaxy Watch pro. However, the launch date of Galaxy Watch 6 hasn’t been revealed yet, but as per past timelines of previse watches(market release), Samsung will introduce these watches by the third quarter of the year.

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