Samsung distributing One UI 5.1 update for Galaxy S21 Series in Canada

As usual, Samsung has updated several high-end devices, including Galaxy Z Flip 3, Fold 3, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S21 FE, with the latest update, i.e., One UI 5.1, but don’t know why the company skips the Galaxy S21 device for new updates, most of the time these devices gets the update very late. Let’s discuss if there is any advantage in the late update or if it is just similar to all.

Currently, the latest update is rolling out for Galaxy S21 in Canada. The update brings the support of One UI 5.1, which provides similar features as other Galaxy devices, and getting the security patch as of February 2023, which is also one month older, so it is clear that the users who are waiting for the update don’t get any extra advantage for it.

Users who own Galaxy S21 devices can identify the latest update by checking its build version G991WVLU5EWB2, G996WVLU5EWB2, and G998WVLU5EWB2 for Galaxy S21 base, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra respectively. The update is available in the 1685.97 software package.

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The One UI 5.1 update is the latest upgrade of One UI, which is based on Android 13, but it offers some extra features that are exclusively available for Samsung devices. These features enhance several existing features of devices.

One UI 5.1 brings these new features

Change color tone- Now, you can easily change the color tone of your selfies by tapping on the new effects button, which is now available at the top of the right screen.

Create a shared family album – It makes it easier to share pictures with your family. After quickly analyzing the faces Gallery will recommend pictures to add to the shared album.

Take funny selfies with up to 3 people – with the new One UI 5.1, you can take funny selfies with three people in Mask mode. You can easily replace different emojis on each person’s face.

Change the location of the screenshot – you can now change the folder and choose where you want the screenshots to be saved.

Moreover, the update is not limited to these features, but it provides a lot more new functionalities for devices; to get detailed info about each feature, you can visit our previous article dedicated to One UI 5.1.

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