Samsung’s third-generation 4nm chips: production to begin in H1 2023

Samsung will soon make the 3rd generation of its 4nm chips available. To make it as quick as possible, it seems that the company will soon start the mass production of these chips. As per recent reports, the Korean firm will start it in the first half of the current year, 2023. Informatively, these 3rd-gen 4nm chips are the main product of the foundry ultra-micro fabrication process sector.

As per the Samsung Electronics Business report on the 12th, the company has decided to start the mass production of the upcoming 4nm 2.3 generation process chips by the first half of this year. Let us inform you the main issue of the yield’s stabilization, which was the major hurdle in the early stages, has been overcome by the company. They have also developed technology for better performance and power consumption.

The aforementioned issue of yield stabilization was the main reason behind the loss of their largest customer Qualcomm to TSMC. Now, the issue has been resolved for 60% but is still less than TSMC’s yield, which is in the 70-80% range and is improving rapidly. Besides, Samsung is also refining itself day by day. As it has now developed advanced technologies, its competition with TSMC has also been strong.

As per the Counterstrikes report, as of quarter 3rd 2022, most of the chips of 5nm and 4nm process, which accounted for 22%, highest for the sales. The 6nm and 7nm process chips accounted for 16%, and 11% are 16-nm, 14-nm, and 12-nm process chips. For the 4nm process chips, Samsung is building a 4nm production line at its Taylor and Texas foundry plants. Their goal is to begin it in the second half of the year 2024.

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