One UI 6.0 will abandon useless applications

The next generation of Samsung’s UI- One UI 6.0 will have some incredible features under its hood, which will be proven indeed helpful for the Galaxy devices and their users. Out of all its utilities, the most effective and the most helpful one is its ability to abandon useless and harmful applications. However, this feature is basically an Android 14 novelty, and it is possible that Samsung will also pick this for One UI 6.0.

Informatively, many third-party applications, or we can say task killer applications claim that they will clean up your device’s memory, improve battery life, and more, and many of us install them under these spells. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite of it; instead of providing these aforementioned improvements, these task-killer applications end up giving negative results. Let’s know how these applications work.

Android 14 to finally get rid of bloatware

For optimization of your smartphone and reduce energy consumption, these apps automatically and recklessly close all the running apps, which is not a really effective way of improving performance. In that manner, Google itself said that “A third-party application can’t improve the memory, battery life, or thermal behavior of an Android device.” However, with Android 14 and One UI 6.0, these won’t cause any issues.

Samsung One UI already have Auto-confirm PIN feature that will come to Android 14

Let us inform you in Android 14 and One UI 6.0 devices, the task-killer applications will automatically be stopped so that they can not interrupt your device’s on-time running operations. The upcoming Operating System and User Interface will limit these apps’ operations and moves related to the other installed apps. As long as it is a novelty to arrive on Android 14, Samsung will also adapt it for One UI 6.0 to make it more secure.

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