Galaxy M52 5G gets new features with One UI 5.1 update

Last week, Samsung released the One UI 5.1 update for Galaxy M52 device in India, and now the company is expanding the update to the European region. After getting the Android 13 base 5.0 update, the latest update will be a retreat for Samsung One UI lovers; let’s talk more about One UI 5.1.

One UI 5.1 comes with a lot of new features

Samsung always tries its best to bring new functionalities for its devices which provide more comfort and smooth experience to their Galaxy users. To make the devices more interesting to use, the company introduces new features as well as makes sure that all the functions of the device are properly working, now with the One UI 5.1 there are several changes have been introduced under several system-level apps, including Camara, Gallery, Samsung Internet, widgets and more.

The update also brings a new security patch as February 2023, which brings some fixes that improve the overall security of the device and make sure that your important data will be safe and secure.

Galaxy M52 gets the update in Europe

Samsung is rolling out the latest One UI 5.1 update in Europe; as of now, the update is spotted in Italy with this build version number M526BRXXU2CWB3. Installing size of 1232.72MB. It is expected that all the European units of Galaxy M52 will get the latest update in the next few days.

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