Galaxy S23 getting March 2023 security update in the USA

Samsung always tries its best to provide new updates as soon as possible. However, due to carrier restrictions in the US, the company still struggles to give any latest updates on time. Still, with the last update, i.e., One UI 5.1, the Korean giant has done commendable work; it has quickly updated several Galaxy devices and is almost completed.

Now, Samsung is focusing on March 2023 update, which is expanding gradually; for instance, the Galaxy S23 device has already received the latest security update in several regions, including Australia, Asia, and the UK. As of now, the company is rolling out the update in the US.

It is worth noticing that the update is now available on both locked and unlocked variants of Galaxy S23. Users who own a locked variant of the device can identify the update by the software version number S911USQS1AWBM, S916USQS1AWBM, and S918USQS1AWBM for Galaxy S23 base, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, respectively. Currently, the update is available on the T-Mobile network. 

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The unlocked variants of the Galaxy S23 are getting the update with version numbers S911U1UES1AWBM, S916U1UES1AWBM, and S918U1UES1AWBM for Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, respectively.

The latest update brings a new security patch for the device, which has no connection for new features, it only enhances the overall security of the device, and sometimes it fixes some internal issues of the device, which makes the device smoother for doing any task.

What is March 2023 update?

Samsung has recently taken a significant step towards addressing various security and privacy issues that are affecting its smartphone users. In a recent update, the tech giant resolved 40 CVE items as part of Google’s Android security bulletin and 23 SVEs for Galaxy One UI devices. 

These issues are related to Bluetooth, function driver, Galaxy Themes, Samsung Keyboard, System UI, and other One UI services. This move highlights Samsung’s commitment to providing its users with a safe and secure experience while using their devices.

Users who own Galaxy S23 devices can easily update their devices by tapping on the notification, which is flashed on the notification panel at the time of the new update available. But in case you missed the notification or it dosn;t respond by tapping, you can also check and install the update by following the below steps.

How to install

  1. First, Go to the system settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on the software 
  3. Tap on download and install 
  4. Wait until it finished searching
  5. Now Tap on the download button and install.

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