Android Auto 9.2 Beta Update: Smarter, Safer, and More Connected Than Ever Before

The Android Auto development team has just released version 9.2 beta of the Android Auto application. However, many users wonder what new features and improvements the update will bring. Surprisingly, Google has not yet released an official list of changes, making it difficult for users to gauge what to expect. Despite this, the developers are confident that Android Auto 9.2 beta update will bring exciting new innovations and improvements that will enhance the overall driving experience for users.

Android Auto 9.2 Beta Update

It’s not the first time that Google has been rather tight-lipped about the changes introduced in the latest release of Android Auto. In fact, with previous versions, especially beta releases, there was often more speculation about upcoming features than actual information about the current update. The same seems to be true for version 9.2.1312 beta, as the official changelog has not been updated to reflect any significant changes. This leads us to assume that most of the updates are related to the app’s core functionality rather than any flashy new features.

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Download the Android Auto 9.2 Beta update

For those eager to try out the latest version of Android Auto 9.2 beta, it is currently being released on the Google Play Store. However, if the update is not yet available on your smartphone, you can manually download and install the APK from a trusted third-party source like APK Mirror.

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