Google Play Store’s new update available with version 34.9.11: Download

Being the parent company of Android, Google always brings new updates for its stock apps; with every update company always aims to improve the functionality of the app, and now continuing the betterment of the ecosystem of Android, the big G has rolled out a new update for the Google play store.

This update will be the fifth update for the app this month. The initial update of this month was available on the 2nd of march and then pushed three more updates, but Google hasn’t revealed what changes were made in these updates.

Now, the fifth update is rolling out with version number 34.9.11, the update is available in 32.11 MB of software size, but it may vary from device to device; having this size of the file may get some minor internal changes that will improve its functioning and may get some UI changes.

Google Play is downloaded automatically in the background as soon as the new update is available on your device; however, you can do it manually by following the below steps steps

How to update Play Store

  1. First, open the Google Play store, now tap on your profile icon. 
  2. It will give you different options; here tap the 2nd last option, “settings”
  3. Here you will get the option “update play store” just tap on it, and your Play Store will be updated to the latest version.

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