Samsung Pay expands its capabilities with student ID Card storage

The Seoule giant Samsung has recently joined hands with the Korean finance holding company Hana Financial Group. On the 27th, both of these companies signed a business agreement at Hana Financial Group’s headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul. This partnership will work to strengthen the digital wallet’s experience. Reportedly, both of them will work together on a project. Let’s know more about it. 

Informatively, both of these aforementioned Seoul companies will work together to activate mobile ID functions like student and employee ID cards. As for students’ ID cards, at first, high school students’ IDs will be available through Samsung’s Samsung Pay applications. Besides the ID cards, they will also establish overseas payment systems and will corporate for the upcoming financial service-related models. 

At present, 108 high schools in the country are affiliated with Hana groups, which will be a part of the student ID project. One thing that is really beneficial is that the students can use their Samsung Pay ID as an actual card; however, it will depend on the student’s school’s operation method. In simpler words, you will be able to do all those things with our student ID, which you can do with your physical student ID barcode. 

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To get a Hana group-affiliated student ID card, all you have to do is follow the issuance process. First, update the Samsung Pay application and add the student ID function by registering the Hana Group check card, which will be linked to your student ID card to Samsung Pay. The Samsung Pay student’s ID is more secure than the physical ID card as there is no worry about losing it. Hence, both companies are working seamlessly. 

Let us inform you in addition to those high school ID cards; they are planning to issue university cards as well, as they are more convenient to carry and are more useful than physical IDs. Both of the companies are planning to extend the scope of their issuance in the future. In that manner, the Vice President of the digital wallet team at MX Division of Samsung Electronics, Jini Han, has stated: 

“We are very pleased to partner with Hana Financial Group in providing digital innovation services for young people, the key players of the future. We will continue to work hard to do so.”

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