Samsung Pay and Naver Pay integration expands mobile payment options from tomorrow

Samsung announced that it would start a collaboration service between Samsung pay and Naver Pay on 23 March. With this collaboration, the company has talent the motive of enhancing the online and offline payment experience for Galaxy devices.

The collaboration will introduce several benefits to Samsung pay users; they can now able to use Naver Pay online services that include ordering from merchants over 550000 Naver smart stores.

For instance, when you click the ‘General payment’ option to order at Naver Pay online ordering merchant, you will get a separate option of Samsung Pay which will help to pay the amount directly through your built-in Samsung pay app. To get more insight into this collaboration, you can visit our previous article.

The offline payment option will also be available this month, and as said earlier, this service will also be available for Samsung Pay users. In other words, the Naver Pay users will be able to use Naver Pay’s offline payment through Samsungs Pay’s MST (Magnetic Security Transport) method at all offline merchants across the country, where payments can be made with Samsung pay. This is worth maintaining that the collaboration will only affect the Korean markets while other users of Samsung Pay don’t get any benefit from it.

This collaboration indicates that Samsung is doing preparation to make its payment environments more user-friendly so it can easily tackle the Apple pay services and makes the market more competitive.

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