Samsung Wallet and Samsung Pay: Is there any difference between them or just two names

Samsung Wallet is an app that deals with all the financial things and helps you to do several tasks easily. It provides you with a separate space to store several items such as credit card and debit cards, loyalty cards, IDs, boarding passes, and more, the same as you carry with your physical wallet.

If you are thinking that we were already using all these things on Samsung, then yes, you are certainly right. Actually, the company has its mobile payment system, which was originally launched in 2015, as Samsung pay; however, now the Korean giant has replaced the app with its new Samsung wallet, which comes with new capabilities that were not previously available with Samsung Pay, yeah we know it’s a little bit confusing, let’s discuss the differences to make it more clear.

Samsung pay and Samsung wallet: Differences 

Samsung Pay provides a simple payment interface that can store all your financial-related items, such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards, in one place, without carrying their physical versions wherever you go. Since it was launched seven years back, it has had a large user base.

But the Samsung pay application is limited to digital money transactions only. It could never replace your entire wallet due to the lack of support for the other items you would like to store in the wallet like passports and IDs. It also can’t store more sensitive information like your password, addresses, and autofill credit card details.

Then you may wonder about the features stated that we have used already with other applications, and I guess you are right; actually, you have used these features in the Samsung pass application; actually, all the features that are stated here are now available in one app and Samsung named it as Samsung wallet which works as a digital wallet and eliminates the need for a physical wallet.


In the initial stage, when Samsung wallet was launched, it was limited to some countries; then, Samsung expanded the application to other countries gradually. Currently, it is available in 29 countries; you can check our previous article regarding availability in detail.

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