Samsung security update is diffrent than any other Android device

Security patches are the most important firmware updates for android devices because they strengthen the security of devices; Google is the main company behind the security updates because it is responsible for distributing every new security update to all Android devices. It is an open-source program, so when google releases any new update, Android device manufacturers such as Samsung can easily add some new features or extra patches with it.

Security patch in Samsung

Samsung is one of those companies that always tries to make its customer’s beliefs more strong. So for that reason, the company provides some extra patches along with Google, so their users don’t face any problems regarding any other issue, for instance. Recently, the Korean giant released the January 2023 update for its Galaxy devices; it comes with over 50 patches included by Google, and 20 extra patches were added by Samsung, which address several vulnerabilities. As per the past timelines of updates, it is also worth noticing that Samsung has most of the time beaten Google and releases security updates even before the official release of the bulletin.

Samsung has categorized its devices for Security updates.

Being the largest manufacturer and having a vast presence worldwide, the company has a big collection of devices available in different price ranges. There are mainly five series of smartphones, including the A, M, F, Z, and S series. These Z and S series devices fall under the flagship range, and other devices come under the affordable range.

Samsung has also divided its devices into three categories for their eligibility of receiving the number of security updates per year, including Monthly security updates, Quarterly security updates, and Biannual security updates. However, Samsung has yet to specify any reason for keeping these devices under different categories, but as per our assumption, the company has signified the devices according to priority.

For instance, most of the new high-end devices grab the position of monthly security updates, the midrange devices fall in Quarterly security updates, and the entry-level ones or low-end devices are listed in Biannual security updates.

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