New updates for Samsung My Files, Notes and Internet Browser Beta: What’s New

Samsung regularly brings new updates for its stock apps so its users get the best of new features. Every update doesn’t come with new features, but it is made to improve the overall performance and stability of the app. The same thing is happening with the new updates of Samsung Internet beta, Samsung Notes and Samsung My Files.

The changelog of all three apps doesn’t mention any new features or improvements specifically, but having a medium file size may contain some significant improvements which will improve the internal function of apps so users can have a smooth experience.

The list below contains the latest updated version number and file size of each respective app.

  • Samsung Internet Beta- v21.0.0.19 – 110MB 
  • Samsung Notes – v4.4.06.2 – 85.39MB
  • Samsung My Files – v4.1.02.28 – 23.26MB

All the new updates can be downloaded through the Galaxy store, which is present in every Samsung smartphone and tablet. It is also worth noticing that sometimes the new update are available for select devices, so it is possible that these updates may not be available for your devices and may come after some time, or it is also possible that the new feature and improvements may already be available in previous updates.

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