Google’s Next Big Step: Generative AI Comes to Gmail and Docs

The Generative AI feature is Google’s AI-based technology that can produce various types of content, including text, imagery, audio, and synthetic data. A few weeks ago, Google said that the Generative AI feature would soon come for the workplace apps such as Gmail and Google Docs. Now, the time has come, as the public testing of this feature in Gmail and Google Docs has started. Let’s learn more about this new feature.

Informatively, to experience this feature in your device’s workplace apps, you just need to sign up and opt in; you can even leave this program anytime you want. Remember, only a few people are invited to join this program. In the Gmail app, this feature will help the user elaborate or shorten the matter they have written. This feature also can make your message more Formalized, and it also shows whimsical options.

Google also shared some glimpses of UI to show how this feature will look in Gmail (Android version). As per the shared screenshot, a Floating Action Button (FAB) will appear on the bottom-right corner of the Compose screen of the Gmail app. For the Google Docs app as well, the UI will look nearly similar to the Gmail app. This feature will make the written text detailed in the Google Docs application.

In the Google Doc application, the Generative AI feature will bring a “Help me write” option on the web and even shows options such as “View another,” “Refine,” and “Insert” so that you can choose the text as per your will. Because it is an enrollment program, you can send feedback as well regarding this new feature. With the help of that feedback, Google will make improvements to this feature. Overall, the feature is indeed helpful, so it will be beneficial for outsiders to get access to it.

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Thanks to “9to5Google”