Nearby Share Beta app is available for GalaxyBook laptops, but limited

Nearby Share, a scheme that lets you transfer data from one device to another, is now available for Windows PCs as well as a Beta application. This solution was announced at CES 2023 in Las Vegas and was originally developed to transfer files between an Android device to a Windows PC (Galaxy Book Laptops). However, the Beta app isn’t available for all Windows PC yet, but it will surely reach them in time passing.

Informatively, only the PCs having Windows 10 or above in them are eligible for the Nearby Share Beta for Windows. It also requires an enabled Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection in your PC. Unfortunately, ARM devices are out of Nearby Share Beta’s eligibility list. Let us tell out that the app in question is capable of transferring files when the devices are under a distance of 5 meters, that too in nearly no time.

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Notably, the Nearby Share Beta app will let you transfer photos, videos, documents, audio files, and even whole folders. To use this app, one needs to install it and then sign in with a Google account. However you can also use the application without an account, but having an account makes it easier to find on your family or friends’ devices. You can send the chosen file or files by clicking on the “Send by Nearby Share” option.

There is one unclarity, whether the app will allow you to choose between everyone, your contacts, your devices, or nobody. Unfortunately, at present, this app is available in the US region and some limited global regions only, in which Italy isn’t included. We are looking forward to this app being reached in other regions as well, but we can’t say when it will happen.

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