Samsung nearby device scanning update brings compatibility with matter

Samsung is currently distributing an update for a feature named “Nearby Device Scanning.” This feature is essential to keep scanning for compatible devices such as Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watches, and SmartThings products, which are available nearby. With this currently rolling-out update, Samsung will also provide the support of “Matter Easy Pair” to eligible Galaxy devices. Let’s take a look at what this new function is.

Let us tell you that whenever the Nearby Device Scanning service finds any compatible device, it sends us a notification asking if we want to connect to it or not. Now Samsung is rolling out its app version to Galaxy devices, which can be installed from the Galaxy Store. Besides, as it has got Matter Easy Pair’s support, it will now suggest compatible nearby Matter devices as well.

For those unaware, Matter Easy Pair service lets Galaxy users set up the latest Matter-compatible Smart Home appliances easily because other brands’ Smart Home products have their individual and different connectivity parameters and standards, which don’t let their devices connect to other manufacturers’ Smart Home products. Thankfully, the issue will now be resolved with the arrival of Matter.

Informatively, Matter is a new connectivity standard developed by various tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Samsung to simply the connectivity of Smart Home products. It will reach consumers’ homes in the coming months with brands like Govi, Eve, Philips Hue, and others. Similarly, because those ideal tech brands developed it, their devices will also get this update soon as the Galaxy devices.

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