Samsung Gallery App has a new version on Galaxy Store

Samsung has its photo Gallery app, which saves a lot of precious moments of your life in the form of photos and videos. Besides, enhanced security helps protect your image and video safety. Additionally, it has several features that directly sync your Gallery stuff to the cloud through the app itself.

Samsung brings new version for Gallery App

The Gallery app is now updated to v14.0.00.36. The update comes in 31.98MB of the software package. According to the Galaxy store description, the update introduces a brand new feature; it has added a menu to Gallery settings that allow you to easily back up media content on an SD card to OneDrive.

If you are using a Samsung smartphone, you can easily check the latest update through the Galaxy store. However, there are some features that are different from device to device, but majorly the app provides similar specs.

Here are some top things you can do with the Gallery app:

  • Create Album: you can keep your photos and videoes in groups, and you can easily create an individual group of photos and videos with this feature.
  • Create Movie: With the help of this feature, you merge different videos into one.
  • Stories: This feature is similar to the Album, but with the help of this feature, you can also make collages and Gifs of your photos.

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