Samsung Gallery updates: Object Eraser feature much batter now

In recent days the South Korean company has been working hard to update some of the proprietary apps that make up the heart of the user experience of its smartphones. From their updates to the news regarding the Gallery app that updates the photo editor and, in particular, the Object Eraser function.

New Update For Samsung Photo Edition & Object Eraser

Samsung has now introduced a new version update for its photo editor app, while Object Eraser and its two additional components, Shadow Eraser and Reflection Eraser, receive version It added some enhancements to the Object eraser function. From the previous few updates, the company is more focused on improving the particular function; now, after this update, it will be better than before.

Basically, the Object eraser is a component of the Gallery app that appears in the time photo editing mode. It was introduced back in January 2021 and is a very useful tool for removing unwanted objects from photos. Object Eraser allows you to remove unwanted objects, animals, and people in post-production from a photograph while exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence. It is a feature comparable to the Magic Eraser of Google Photos on the Pixel range.

As the object eraser function is a part of the Gallery app, so Samsung hasn’t revealed the changes specifically. Still, as we said, he hasn’t company has constantly updated the minor function of the Gallery app. Hence, the Korean giant wants to improve its device’s inbuilt function so that they can work more accurately device’s who own Samsung devices can easily update the app through the Galaxy store. It is highly recommended to install the latest update so you can enjoy the all-new function of the Gallery app more smoothly.

If you would like to test the news of Photo Editor and Object Eraser on your Samsung smartphone, just wait for the update of the Gallery application through the Galaxy Store.

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