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Samsung Stand By Its Promise, Launches Wallet App Via Galaxy Store



A few days ago, on June 9th, we received news from Samsung that it will integrate Samsung Pay & Samsung Pass for a more user-friendly and convenient experience. Read the full story here.

Just after a week, On June 16th, Samsung again announced that the Samsung Wallet would be integrated with its other digital services, namely SamsungPay and SamsungPass, to store and access digital IDs, payment, loyalty cards, keys etc. digitally for users’ convenience and ease of access. Read about it here.

Samsung Wallet: Payment’s New Ecosystem

This announcement also reintroduced the Samsung Wallet. Samsung Wallet has originally launched nearly ten years ago and shut down in 2015.

Now Samsung has fulfilled its promise, and it has launched the app in six countries after the launch in its home country, which are the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, via Samsung’s own Galaxy Store.

It seems on the surface that The Korean Behemoth is trying to follow the path of Google Pay; however, some, including this one, believe that it’s more likely that this is a crossover attempt to stand and create a payment ecosystem like Apple’s & Google’s, as Samsung is brand neutral and agnostic in its approach.

Samsung Wallet: Benfits

This is an upgrade to the SamsungPay app while taking its URL address in the Galaxy Store. Samsung introduced four benefits of the merger of Spay & Spass they were ;

Digital Key Function, Digital Ticket and Assets Management, Samsung Pay’s Digital Asset Inquiry Function, and Samsung Knox.

This centralized system of payment with the Spay & Spass merger will provide users benefits such as ;

Storing payment cards, house keys, airline passes, entertainment & commute tickets, ID cards, records, passwords, cryptocurrency credentials, and as far as the health service records.

Image Credit – Android Police

Samsung Wallet As Digital Key For Your Cars

Although this would have been incomplete without a security measure, Samsung deployed its native security system known as Samsung Knox, which will provide a digital security service that protects from external threats like hacking, remote control access, theft, and/or access to personal info, etc.

Companies such as BMW, Genesis, and Hyundai models supported this digital key storing functionality for commuting via road; Airlines that partnered were Korean Air initially, which later expanded to Korean Air, Jin Air, and Jeju Air.

These partners and services are likely to expand for ease of access in everyday life of customers.

However, these services, features & functions are subject to availability and can change, as informed by Samsung.

It is anticipated that the customers have to update the app to SWallet when interacting with SPay & Spass. The SWallet works on Samsung smartphones running Android 9 Pie or higher.

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Google Introduces a Paid Version Of Chrome




The study says that as of March 2024, 3.45 billion internet users use Google Chrome, which is about 63.87% of the global browser market. Maybe the free-of-charge is the key reason behind this. And now, to expand its versatility, Google has launched a paid version of Chrome called ‘Chrome Enterprise Premium.’ 

Chrome is a browser developed by the brand and is one of the most familiar pieces of software in its category, as well as one of the most preferred. All credit goes to its several features that suit the convenience of the users. The company consistently strives to improve the browsing experience through constant enhancements. Recently, Google has introduced the possibility of forcing dark mode on all sites, as both a function capable of bringing order to the multiple tabs open in the browser is arriving, or even as soon as the Incognito Mode of the software will surely protect the privacy of users. 

Now, Google is introducing a subscription plan, as it offers a business-oriented version of Google Chrome named Chrome Enterprise Premium. However, at the moment, the giants have not revealed detailed plan information or what features the premium version offers. 

Google has therefore decided to debut a new version of the paid Chrome browser, dedicated to business users. Chrome Enterprise now boasts two options, which are as follows: 

  • The Core Plan (free) 
  • The Premium Plan (paid) 

The brand’s ‘new browser can offer an extra layer of data protection to users while they are online, using tools such as automatic updates to protect against newly emerged vulnerabilities and personalized site permissions across all managed devices. But not only that, the new version of Chrome is specially introduced to block suspicious add-ons to better prevent any type of hacker attack. Both versions of Chrome Enterprise differ in some features; however, the Core version also represents a more than valid solution. The recently introduced Premium subscription plan can offer additional features such as: 

  • Deep malware scan 
  • Power to filter URLs based on website category 
  • Data loss prevention 
  • Context-aware access for Saas, Google Cloud, and private web apps through Chrome.


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Samsung Internet Gets New Update To Improve Webpage Translations




Samsung Internet is a browser for Android devices that offers multiple features to improve web browsing; webpage translation is one of them. The Samsung Internet update is improving webpage translations. 

Samsung is rolling out a new update for Samsung Internet, which has arrived with version number 2.012.111. This update will delicately enhance the webpage translation facility. With this update, the brand is offering a redesigned UI and GUI that simplifies the process of translating web pages. 

With this update, the brand is improving the translation performance and stability of the web page translation, which means that Samsung Internet will now be able to deliver results with more accuracy in a faster way, significantly improving the user experience for those who prefer this webpage translation feature. 

However, recently, the translation feature on Samsung Internet has already received a major boost from Samsung with One UI 6.1 and the Galaxy AI update. Noticeably, to experience these features, users must have Samsung Internet running on Version 24.0 or newer. The Galaxy device supports ‘Galaxy AI’ and runs on One UI 6.1; for them, the translation feature is now integrated into the ‘Browsing assist’ menu. 

Interested parties can easily check out the update by just following the steps mentioned here: Galaxy Store >> Menu Option >> Updates. 

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VPN By Google One Will No Longer Be Available




VPN by Google One will no longer be available as Google decided to shut down this service sometime later this year. 

Google informed Google One users through an email that it was shutting down the VPN Google One service. However, in the mail, the exact date to shut down the service is not mentioned; instead, it is just mentioned that the benefit will be phased out “later this year.” 

Google One VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Until now, it has been a part of the Google One subscription service and is available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It just encrypts the web traffic and protects privacy online. Google One introduced this VPN as an optional service to other well-known virtual private networks, such as Nord VPN and Express VPN. 

Google made the VPN available on all Google One plans, even the cheapest $1.99 per month one. In an email, Google stated that it’s phasing out VPNs through Google One to make way for more in-demand features and benefits. Apart from all this, Google also confirmed that it is shutting down the VPN feature, and the aim behind this is that ‘people simply were not using it.’ 

However, Pixel users will still be able to access Google’s VPN through Pixel settings if they have a Pixel 7 or upper model, as Google confirmed. Also, free shipping for select print orders from Google Photos in Canada, the UK, the US, and the EU starts on May 15. 

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