Samsung to expand the availability of Good Lock in other regions as well

Samsung’s Good Lock a bunch of Samsung’s customizable applications, is one of the most needed services for Galaxy users. It has a plate full of modules and applications in it to provide a more personalized experience on your Galaxy device. Previously, Good Lock and its modules were also available in some limited regions, which made the restricted region’s users unhappy. But now it seems that the manufacturer is bringing this feature to other markets also. 

Samsung’s Good Lock Will Available In More Countries

According to Sammobile, in recent times, it has been seen that the users of some regions where Good Lock was restricted have noticed that Good Lock and its modules have appeared on their Galaxy devices. As per the reports, Good Lock is now available in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Malaysia, and the Netherlands also. The application is expected to be available in other countries as well, but there has yet to be an official confirmation from the manufacturer.

If you are a resident of one of those mentioned countries, now you will also be able to install them (Good Lock application and its modules) through the Galaxy Store as Wonderland and Nice Catch. Good Lock’s arrival in those regions indicates that Samsung will release it in more-to-more countries in due course of time. As Good Lock is the most demanded service of Samsung, its arrival in restricted countries may put satisfaction in the faces of the users that were looking forward to it. 

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