Samsung launches Wi-Fi Calling feature for Galaxy devices in Italy

The South Korean tech manufacturer Samsung used to bring the latest and essential features to its Galaxy devices every day. Now this time, Samsung Electronics Italia has announced the WiFi calling feature for Galaxy Smartphones. This feature lets the users make and receive calls while having a WiFi network. Afterward, its network switching ability will definitely make it more useful if you don’t have an adequate network.

Let you know that this feature works on WiFi Calling technology, also known as the VoWiFi (Voice Over WiFi). With its help, it will be possible to receive or make calls when you are connected to a WiFi network. It will also provide uninterrupted call connectivity while switching up to a WiFi network from the cellular network and vice versa. This service is fully integrated into One UI 5.0, which doesn’t mandate any other application.

However, the switching from WiFi to 4G and vice versa is guaranteed, but the network switching is managed on the basis of specific signal level thresholds to land an optimal call experience for the user. After activating the service, to avoid frequent switching between VoWiFi and VoLTE, it will be based on the pre-set thresholds. It shows that the continuity of the call during the switch between 4G to WiFi and vice versa also works on the same principle.

For information, the feature not only guarantees the support of call waiting, customer care, and more but also optimizes management of indoor coverage in areas with poor cellular network connectivity. Albeit, currently, this feature is available in the Galaxy S22 series smartphones only but it will expand its availability in other devices soon.

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