Samsung could unveil the future SoC of the Galaxy S25 series at the Galaxy Unpacked event

Samsung is all set for its Galaxy Unpacked Event 2023. One of Samsung’s official websites has confirmed that the event will be held on February 1st, 2023. Along with the launch of its upcoming flagship series, Galaxy S23, the South Korean firm will also unwrap some jaw-droppers for its users. Recently, some reports have been found that suggested that Samsung will also introduce a new compatible chipset for its future flagship, Galaxy S25. Let us take a brief look at the reports we have received. 

TM Roh to land some information about Galaxy-dedicated SoC

According to the tipster Ice Universe, the president and head of the Mobile eXperience Business of Samsung, TM Roh, is about to unveil some latest information regarding the “Galaxy dedicated chip.” The official will reveal it in the soon-to-be-held Galaxy S23 launch event, aka the Galaxy Unpacked Event. This rumor was spread around the internet even before that Samsung intended to produce chipsets for its flagship devices on its own. Hence, Information to be released soon will also be related to this. 

However, Samsung has a huge lineup of its self-produced Exynos chipsets, which were featured in some previous Galaxy S devices in some limited regions. But after the issues appeared in the Exynos-featured Galaxy S22 devices, Samsung made a decision not to use Exynos SoCs in the flagship devices. Consequently, Samsung is planning to develop a more suitable SoC independently, which is assumed to be used in the future Galaxy S25 series devices.

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